A comprehensive statistics application and development framework built on the open source R project.

Unlock the power of R with our rich GUI and output for several popular statistics, data mining, data manipulation, graphic commands and more.

Join 1000s of organizations in making the switch to BlueSky Statistics.

  • "Successfully transitioned 2000 clinical researchers and scientists from a proprietary statistical application to BlueSky Statistics."
    - Large US based Health Care organization -
  • "We used a proprietary statistics application previously, but the ability to have an easy to use GUI front end for R, which the students can continue to use wherever they end up after graduating, is what led me to select BlueSky. Its similarity to other stats GUI programs is what led me to choose it over other R GUIs."
    - Mathew Schmidtlein -
    Associate Professor
    Geography Department, Sacramento State University
  • "BlueSky offers many menu options and my students (that are graduates in economics and business) are more confident with this approach rather than coding. We are expanding the use of BlueSky Statistics to other courses offered by my department."
    - Prof. Maurizio Carpita -
    Professor of Statistics
    University of Brescia, Italy

Do what’s best for your organization

Migrate from expensive proprietary statistical applications to R.
Ease the
R learning curve.
Use the cutting edge analytics available in R without having to learn programming.
Deliver custom applications by building extensions with the dialog builder framework.

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